Moonshot the Video Game? You got it.

Picture it. In a few months’ time, you will have just finished watching Moonshot. The credits will be rolling, you’ll be wiping tears of joy from your face, and one intoxicating thought will overcome you…  By Jove, I need more. Fortunately, in this near and perfect future, you will pull out your mobile device and download… That’s right, […]

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ANNOUNCING: Jake Guinn as Threedee

And now, ladies and gentlemen… I present a man who kicks asses professionally but manages to otherwise be a hilarious, great guy. His name is Jake Guinn, and he’s our VILLAIN, Threedee. Jake is an Atlanta based Fight Director and Movement Artist. Blending martial movement and kinetic flow arts, Jake is constantly flying back and forth between his own […]

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Meet Cinematographer Wesley Hunt

Designing a genre film like this means nailing a unique visual style in several different departments. Our props, costumes, and production design will all go a long way toward building the world we’re trying to create, but someone has to make all that stuff look pretty and that someone’s name is Wesley Hunt. Wes shoots […]

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Continuum on Syfy Live tweeting is on! And guess what? I’m going to be in the movie “Moon Shot”

Originally posted on Luvia Petersen:
Tomorrow is a very exiting day for Continuum fans in North America! The 2nd episode of Continuum Season 4 will be released on Showcase (9pm et/pt) and Syfy will be airing our Season 4 premier in the US (11pm et).  I will be joining many of my cast mates for a live…

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Indiegogo Campaign Launch

The person that first said there’s no such thing as a free lunch probably didn’t work on a film set because in this line of work you almost always literally get a free lunch. I’m writing this between takes on a studio set in Arlington and am very much looking forward to my free lunch […]

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